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Harvey, ON

Updated: Aug 2015
Median price $407,400
Monthly growth
Quarterly trend
Stock on market 0.04%
Median price
Monthly growth
Quarterly trend
Stock on market

Harvey Home Price

With a median listing price of $407,400, Harvey is Canada’s 637th most expensive when ordered by median listing price.

In Aug the median listed house price of $407,400 in Harvey was an impressive compared to the rest of Ontario.

According to our stats, Harvey is the neighbourhood that has the 1144th most properties available to real estate investors in Ontario.

Can we guarantee how well Harvey is going to do next year? No, but we can look at the data we have and use it as a starting point before doing research.

It’s always hard to tell what property prices will do over the coming months, but over the last three months the properties available for purchase in Harvey have dried up which would tend to indicate that demand is higher than the supply of new properties.

When we look at the data we have, it can help with trying to establish whether or not Harvey is a good investment target.

In Harvey, housing stock has stayed the same over the last three months, which would tend to mean that home supply and demand are equal.


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