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Church Point, NS

Updated: Aug 2016
Median price $187,000
Monthly growth 25.50 %
Quarterly trend
Stock on market 0.04%
Median price
Monthly growth
Quarterly trend
Stock on market

Church Point Home Price

Church Point, Nova Scotia has a median house price of $187,000 when compiling all the home listings in Aug .

Across Nova Scotia Church Point has the 587th most properties on offer with 825.

As one of Nova Scotia’s many potential real estate investment neighbourhoods, Church Point needs to be carefully researched before investing in – and remember to check especially the locations within an area before spending - the old estate agent’s mantra of location, location, location has never lost its importance.

In Church Point, housing stock has stayed the same over the last three months, which would tend to mean that home supply and demand are equal.

Is Church Point a good investment prospect? It’s never a perfect science, but the data we have given us a number of indicators.

It’s always hard to tell what property prices will do over the coming months, but over the last three months the properties available for purchase in Church Point have stayed pretty much the same which would tend to indicate that demand is steady.

Beds Median price (House) Median price (Apartment)
3 bedrooms $167,000

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