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Warren Pratt

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Warren Pratt is a top agent and investor from the City of Edmonton and is one of our picks for Top Investment Agents in Alberta. Pratt, along with his team at Alberta on Fire have cumulative decades of experience in investing, real estate sales, and development, which they use to help clients make great investments in Edmonton. Warren Pratt first began working in Edmonton real estate in 2011 and has continued to grow his skills and expand his team to the present day. Pratt is a specialist in both investment properties and new home development and comes to the field with a background in finance. These make him an expert in not only buying and selling homes but doing so in a way that makes for a great investment. As investors themselves, Pratt and his team possess a deep understanding of what it takes to succeed in investment properties, and they seek to share this expertise with their clients. This first-hand experience goes beyond just the duty of an agent in buying and selling property, but also into aspects of due diligence, finding tenants, property management, and more, that make the difference between a successful investor and a mediocre one. Pratt and the Alberta on Fire team position themselves as a truly specialized team. When they say they work with investment real estate, they mean it, with over 95% of their business being done in investment properties. This means they understand what makes investment buyers unique, and can offer exclusive opportunities for the best deal, new developments, and more



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