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Why Should Real Estate Be Managed?

by Helana Mulder on 12 Jan 2023

As experienced real estate agents and investors know, management is key. Even if you just own one investment property, managing the property and its tenants can be a tough job. Fortunately, you don't have to deal with all of the tasks that come with property management on your own! Many real estate agents and experienced investors recommend hiring out a property management company to assist in this business.

Understanding the benefits of outsourcing this property management work can help you to better manage your real estate investment portfolio and build your wealth.

What Is Real Estate Management?

As you grow and develop your real estate business, you may find yourself getting overwhelmed with the different tasks and items on your to do list. Property owners have to deal with renters, maintenance issues, bylaws, permits, and other housing tasks. If you happen to have a large supply of investment properties, this laundry list can become impossible to stay on top of. This is where real estate property management comes into play.

What Is A Property Manager?

A professional property manager is a third party individual or company that assists a real estate agent or investor in matters relating to property management, like finding renters, collecting rent, and maintaining the property. They can work in both residential and commercial real estate and sometimes do it on their own time or as a full time job. In simple terms, experienced property managers often take care of most landlord needs without being the landlord themselves.

4 Reasons Why Real Estate Investors Should Hire A Property Manager

If you're an up-and-coming real estate investor or you're trying to take a few things off your plate, here are five of the many benefits property managers and why your should hire property management companies for your real estate business.

Property Managers Can Find and Manage Tenants For Your Rental Properties

Once you purchase a rental property and want to start making rental income, you need to find suitable renters. Depending on the state of the local market and surrounding neighbourhood, finding prospective tenants can be a hassle.

Residential property managers are able to spend time finding potential tenants for your investment property. They can often use various marketing methods to reach potential renters in a timely manner.

Along with finding a tenant, a property manager will also collect rent, manage complaints, and stay on top of late payments. A good property manager will be able to stay on top of collecting that month's rent for all the properties they are managing for you.

They Can Help You Deal With Legal Issues

When you are buying and selling real estate, there are different legal details and forms that provide relevant information on rights, permits, and laws.

While a property owner, real estate agent, or real estate investor should be well versed in all the ins and outs of ownership, a real estate property management company deals specifically with the legal issues and implications that may arise as a landlord.

Good property managers will understand lease agreements, landlord rights, property rules, and tenant rights, and can facilitate mediation as a way of resolving conflict positively.

Property Management Companies Can Provide Insights On Local Neighbourhoods

Another reason why you should hire a real estate property management company is because of their insight into the local market. Finding a good investment property requires research and an understanding of housing market trends, property values, and neighbourhood details. While a local real estate agent can also be a great source for city-specific details, a property manager can work closely with you to find the right neighbourhood for your next investment property.

A property manager can be your go-to person for information on a specific neighbourhood and whether it would be a wise investment to purchase a rental property there. They will also be able to inform potential tenants of these details as a way of making the rental more attractive to renters. These insights will also enable you to make informed decisions regarding rental prices and how they relate to the rest of the property market.

Your Properties Will Be Well Maintained By Real Estate Management Companies

A real estate management company is also in charge of ensuring that the physical property is well maintained. This includes assessing or repairing damaged property, responding to maintenance issues, and overseeing home inspections.

Responding to maintenance and damage requests can be a time-consuming and stressful task as a landlord. Instead, working with a property manager can help maintain your rental properties and allow a steady cash flow from good tenants.

Not only will this keep up the value of your investment property, but it will also prevent major income loss due to tenant complaints or lawsuits. This service will especially keep tenants happy.

They Can Maintain and Improve Cashflow

As stated above, one of the many property management services that a property manager can offer is maintaining the value and reputation of your rental property. Keeping a happy tenant can have a huge impact on your ability to build wealth as the owner of a rental property.

Effective communication, speedy service, and conflict resolution are all things that can help you maintain a steady cash flow as a landlord. If a rental property is well maintained and the landlord or manager has a good reputation, you will likely have better, more reliable tenants who will stay on top of their rent payments.

Conclusion: Property Managers Make Your Life Easier

Because of the many different tasks that you have to keep up with, many investors choose to work with a real estate property management company to manage their rental properties.

Not only will a real estate property manager make your life easier, but it will also make your profits from these investments feel more like passive income as it requires less work from you. Overall, real estate property management can have a huge influence on the success of your investments and reputation as a landlord.

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