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Webinar to explore ways to maximize buying power

by Neil Sharma on 29 Mar 2021

Homebuyers should always try to maximize their buying power, however, in today’s scorching real estate market that isn’t always easy.

Join Ryan Coyle, founder and owner of Realty, Joanna Lang, mortgage agent and managing partner of Outline Financial, and Peter Edrey, founder and head accountant at Accounting Plus, as they discuss how home purchasers can stretch every last dollar in a bid to find their dream home.

“In today’s market, there isn’t much wiggle room, but it does exist and we’re going to discuss how to access it,” said Coyle of the March 30 webinar.

In addition to exploring different ways buyers can optimize buying power, the panellists will also explore various lending options, holding corporations, tax implications, smart mortgage planning, and Capital Divided Accounts—that is, how to make 50% of the corporation’s gain tax-free.

To learn how to maximize your real estate buying power, register for the webinar here.

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