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Building Your $100,000,000 Empire Is Just A Click Away

by Heather McDowell on 22 Mar 2023

On February 16th, Canadian Real Estate Wealth Readers and’s loyal clientele were treated to a rarity; an opportunity to peek behind the curtain and see all of the wizard’s secrets.

We’re off to see the Wizard.

The wizard, in this case, is Ryan Coyle, Real Estate Broker and found of Connect Asset Management. Perhaps a magician would be a better phrase to describe Mr. Coyle. By some accounts, he can spin straw into gold or at least a dollar into an asset.

All the best magicians work with someone and Coyle is no exception. Ryan enlisted the help of tried, tested, and true Mortgage Broker with Dominion Lending,Adam Bazuk.

The collaboration is one that’s worth the hype. The two men worked in concert drawing upon their strengths and vast market knowledge to ensure that the vibes that they put out into the world through that webinar were more than just internet noise.

While some may say that Bazuk and Coyle really delivered the goods, others may be less impressed that they spilled the tea.

With over 600 registrants, either way you call it, lots of people received valuable and actionable items to grow their assets.

Getting in the backbone.

The webinar started by sharing the Investor Operating System (iOS). This is the backbone. Those that turned in benefited from a roadmap telling them exactly how to use leverage, compound interest, and passive income to forge their empire brick by revenue-generating brick.

Set against the backdrop of pre-construction, an area of expertise, excellence, and success for both gentlemen, these real estate gurus outline how to apply the time value of money to pre-construction to amass wealth.

They walked viewers through how exactly to secure financing, why specifically pre-construction purchases are the way to go, how long to wait with that asset, and how they support you with the asset in areas such as property management. The Investor Operating System culminated with these two gentlemen taking folks through savvy utilization of the equity to the re-finance stage to the re-investment stage; soup to proverbial nuts.


One of the things that struck me about this webinar is that there is no abstract theory in it. The language wasn’t tentative or chalked full of “It should” or “It may”, as is the case with many investment seminars. Mr. Coyle literally puts his money where his mouth is and shows how this system has worked for him- dollar-for-dollar, ledger-line-by-ledger-line. Ryan, with the help of Adam, shows registrants exactly how he put this iOS into practice and made it work for him to build an extensive and impressive real estate portfolio exceeding $32,000,000. A real-world example of how to amass an empire worth an estimated $100,000,000 at retirement age, yes, please!

If you’re like me, you may be wondering how all of this can work with the many recent Bank of Canada announcements regarding the overnight rate. The balcony hecklers in your head may be saying, as they are in my head, that you’ll never qualify for the mortgage required to make this happen. Coyle and Bazuk address that head-on as well. They explain how this is achievable with no mortgage payments, which is kind of music to my ears.

One thing about real estate that has always been clear to me is how beneficial owning income property is in terms of income generation. In the vast majority of cases, the asset appreciates and the income from renting the property resonates for me. It seems very common sense to me.

Mr. Coyle had the following thoughts to share with Canadian Real Estate Wealth readers, “Cash flow is not king - capital appreciation is king if you want to build serious wealth!! Pre-Construction gives you the safest and easiest access to capital appreciation.”

Common Sense, passive but not tentative.

In this webinar, Adam and Ryan apply that same common-sense approach to passive income earning. They offer insight to their viewers and explain how not only scalable it is but how it’s as easy as owning mutual funds.

The dynamic duo further uses this clear-cut communication style to help registrants make sense of what has been a topsy-turvy market coupled with valuable insight as to how to navigate potential future announcements by The Bank of Canada using fixed mortgage lending, whenever possible.

Ryan Coyle and Adam Bazuk take something that can be very intimidating and make it very intuitive through the frankness of the discussion in the question-and-answer period at the end of the session. Bazuk and Coyle offered viewers an interactive and transparent experience through the invitation of questions in the chat.

In conclusion,

With the stress test at an all-time high and interest rates making affordability a growing concern for Canadian families and investors alike, would it be nice to learn in less time than it takes to see a feature-length film how to build a $100 million portfolio? Well, the answer is a mere click away. Here’s the link to the webinar replay, How to Build a $100 Million Portfolio.Enjoy!

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