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A Millionaire’s Playbook

by Heather McDowell on 15 Feb 2023

If you’re like me, then you have seen folks that have amassed a remarkable fortune, particularly those that have done so at a young age, and wondered (with a bit of envy, if I’m honest with myself) ‘How the heck did they do that?”

Here’s your chance to have that envy spark a bit of action, and your chance to look at the proverbial empire-building playbook of someone who has done just that.’s Ryan Coyle has been called many things; The flipper king, Svengali, shred investor, condo slinger, and environmental advocate, but to most, he’s a down-to-earth real estate broker that helps his client achieve their financial goals.

We’ve seen eight consecutive interest rate hikes putting the Canadian overnight rate at 4.5%. Major banks and economists alike, forecasting a challenging economic year ahead for 2023 the recovery of which we won’t start to see until early 2024, according to the experts. reports the unemployment rate held steady at 5.0% for the month of January.

“In 2022, we saw one of the biggest single-year shifts on record in Canadian housing activity, from record highs last winter to just below the 10-year average to end the year,” said Jill Oudil, Chair of the Canadian Real Estate Association.

This state of the union coupled with the barrage of articles speaking to million-dollar condominium pre-built projects being put on hold, the voices of the skeptics seem less ‘tin-foil hat’ and more reasonable than in years prior. You need to look no further than one scan of the comments in articles written about Mr. Coyle, real estate, or condo pre-construction to be compelled to join in the collective raising of the eyebrow.

Ryan Coyle will be attempting to assuage some of the disbelief of the populous by opening up his proverbial ledger and sharing his playbook.

With the collaborative efforts of Ryan and savvy Mortgage Broker, Adam Bazukin next Thursday’s webinar, How to Build a $100 Million PortfolioCoyle will not only be inviting the masses to peek behind the wizard’s curtain at his net worth.

Bazuk and Coyle will also share exclusive intel on where wise investors should be putting their money, how to create generational wealth, why it’s prudent to invest in assignments, and of course, the question on everyone’s lips: How to build a $100 million portfolio?

In preparation for this highly anticipated and free online event, we’ve got your back. Canadian Real Estate Wealth is nothing if not helpful! This time, we’re going to help you brush up on the industry lingo in advance of Thursday’s main event.

Generational wealth is when a family member passes an asset of value to another member of the family. While often confused with inheritances the difference between the two is quite nuanced. An inheritance is when an asset is transferred between family members, as with generational wealth. The difference between the two is around timing. Generational wealth can happen at any time and can be sparked by any family or life event or no event at all.

For more information on generational wealth, read Canadian Real Estate Wealth’s piece onGenerational Wealth Portfolio Management.

Pre-construction condo units are those earmarked while the building is being developed. This segues quite nicely into another term we want to reacquaint you with: assignments. When you sign your Agreement of Purchase and Sale (APS), ownership of the property isn’t transferred right away. You’re given the unit under assignment. This basically means that you have an exclusive reservation on a specific unit, which becomes yours, key and all, once construction is all wrapped up.

Now that you’ve got your vocabulary lesson behind you, all that’s left is for you to satisfy your curiosity and register for Coyle and Bazuk’s Generational Wealth Portfolio Management webinar, but you better hurry. Once the secret’s out that they’ll be letting folks in on all of the gems they hold for their top-tier clients, folks will be signing up in droves. After Thursday's webinar, you may need a big wallet.

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