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LTT hike would exacerbate affordability woes: TRREB

Toronto City Council is voting today on whether or not to raise the municipal land transfer tax. Experts weigh in on the matter.

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COVID-19 causing major construction delays

COVID cases have been appearing on construction sites and causing further delays; something that can end up affecting consumers.

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Stakeholders come together for faster housing development

More than 20 public and private sector organizations are now on board with the ambitious initiative, known as One Ontario. The goal of the initiative is to achieve efficiency and transparency through the development approval process.

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Criticism of Ford gov’t for MZO orders is misguided

RESCON's president feels the criticism for municipal zoning orders in the City of Toronto is unwarranted due to housing shortages.

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Avoid ‘playing Russian roulette’ with your rental properties

While condo insurance premiums have increased, not having insurance is like playing Russian roulette according to this savvy investor.

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Short-lived affordability gains eroded in Q3

The scorching demand for single-family homes caused major affordability issues in the third quarter this year.

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Montreal market resilient in face of pandemic

Despite the global pandemic, Montreal has remained one of Canada's leading real estate hotspots for these reasons.

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Meet the foreign buyers who bolster Canada’s economy

Foreign buyers bolster the Canadian economy as they seek to become permanent residents, but the second wave may slow things down.

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Planned web series to shine light on alleged Fortress Real scam

This series focuses on mortgage fraud perpetrated by Fortress Real Developments which deceived 14,000 Ontarian mortgage holders.

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How to sell a condo unit in a soft market

While it's proven to be a bit more challenging this year, there are still ways to maximize your ROI when selling your condo in these soft markets.

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Over $1bln saved in home insurance payouts in Canada this year

Home insurance claims have drastically declined during COVID-19's lockdown measures, but the premium rates are unlikely to drop.

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This western city’s office vacancy is 26%

Nationwide office vacancy rates have been increasing, but particularly in this western city due to COVID-19.

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