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Benchmark price of Canadian home up $120,000 in March

In March, new listings set a record by reaching 1 million across Canada, a 7.5% increase from the month prior. Bidding wars were commonplace and inventories fell to their lowest in decades.

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Real estate investing democratized

Learn more about how addy’s mission is to enable every human to become a homeowner by helping them invest in real estate at a price that works best for them, and dividing the investment into equal parts.

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These urban rental units can boost property values

"[...]There’s a lot of push for the city and other government levels to move towards laneway housing to deal with the supply issue and I think that’s a great opportunity.”

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How the same income can equate to different mortgage limits

Depending on the type of mortgage product, lender, and program, this amount varies greatly. Let’s jump into the different types of mortgages and how these limits are calculated.

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416 condo market will be on fire in April

“Our inventory levels for condos in Toronto proper are back to normal—we’re sitting at almost 2,600 condo units for sale—and that means April will be extremely healthy.”

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TD, RE/MAX advise against gov’t intervention into market

The CEO of TD Bank says too many factors are driving accelerated gains in Canada’s housing market and that urging policymakers to intervene might be unwise.

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Vancouver’s sales up 126%, Calgary’s surge 147%

Sales surged by 126.1% year-over-year from 2,524 in March 2020, and by 53.2% from 3,727 a month earlier. Moreover, last month’s sales total was 72.2% above the 10-year March average.

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Toronto could experience post-pandemic Roaring Twenties

Turns out, not only are they bravely prepared to wait out the pandemic, hordes of business people are trying to find venues to open up their own nightspots and eateries.

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Boomers opting to age in place with combination suites

This downsizing couple bought three units in this new build condominium on St. Clair Ave so they can retire comfortably and encourage others to do the same. Read more to learn about their plans for their units.

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‘Industrial condos’ sweep across GTA

Just like the housing market, there are many industrial tenants being priced out of warehouse facilities which are also becoming harder to obtain.

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Montreal’s luxury market outpacing conventional market

Sotheby’s International Realty Canada report anticipates a torrid spring season in Montreal’s high-end housing market.

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Revocation of capital gains tax exemption would be ruinous

“The chances of that happening in our country are slim to none because it would be political suicide for any government to introduce that,” Bob Aaron of Toronto-based Aaron & Aaron.

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