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Flip it right

Posted by Paul Roussel

Contrary to what HGTV would have you believe, flipping a house is rarely glamorous or fun – at least not until the cheque clears. Paul Roussel provides a primer for flippers-to-be

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Three expert housing price predictions explored

Posted by Corben Grant

We will examine the predictions from three major market analysts to get a broad sense of where things may be headed.

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Safeguarding your portfolio, part 3: enhancing agility
Posted by Dalia Barsoum

In part three of this series, Dalia Barsoum highlights the financing tools and techniques that can enhance agility in a portfolio

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Safeguarding your portfolio, part 1: a three-pronged approach
Posted by Dalia Barsoum

In part 1 of a new series, top mortgage broker Dalia Barsoum shares three strategies to pivot an investment portfolio and weather the storm

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Safeguarding your portfolio, part 2: ensuring stability
Posted by Dalia Barsoum

In part two of this series, Dalia Barsoum shares the strategies key to ensuring a portfolio stays stable despite these uncertain times

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Creating a cash cow
Posted by AJ Hazzi

If you have $500,000 in equity built up in your primary residence, Vantage West's AJ Hazzi says the world is your oyster. He shares three strategies for cracking it open

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Industrial strength
Posted by Chad Marek

Investors looking for diversification, increasing cash flow and fair prices can fulfill all three desires via industrial properties. Chad Marek explains how

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Trick or treat
Posted by Andrew Ku

For a real estate investor, few things are scarier than an audit. Andrew Ku offers a cautionary tale that can go a long way toward lessening the horrors wrought by that most hated monster: The Taxman

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Artificial intelligence, genuine results
Posted by Mike Mulqueen

Energy waste, and the costs associated with it, can be the bane of a multi-family investor's existence. Mike Mulqueen explains how smart energy management can help

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Exponential growth
Posted by Ryan Coyle

CONNECT Asset Management's Ryan Coyle explains how pre-construction condos allow for one of the most reliable and profitable strategies for building a real estate portfolio: the multiplier

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Get out, get paid
Posted by Kirill Perelyguine

You should never purchase a commercial property without first establishing an appropriate exit strategy. Kirill Perelyguine outlines four end-use scenarios for investors considering the commercial route in 2020

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Buyer beware – of your Realtor
Posted by Michael Walsh

There are serious legal considerations to make when choosing a real estate agent, particularly when dual agency is involved. Michael Walsh explains how potentially hidden conflicts of interest could cost you a small fortune

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