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Flip it right

Posted by Paul Roussel

Contrary to what HGTV would have you believe, flipping a house is rarely glamorous or fun – at least not until the cheque clears. Paul Roussel provides a primer for flippers-to-be

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How much does it cost to build a house: Toronto

Posted by Corben Grant

If you are considering building your home instead of opting for a resale home, here is what you can expect to pay in the City of Toronto.

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Changes Are Coming to Tarion Warranty Corporation. How will they affect Ontario investors?
Posted by Clayton Jarvis

A recent audit of Tarion Warranty Corporation called for significant changes to how the non-profit protects homeowners. Will the changes impact buyers of new product?

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Strategy: Big markets, big money
Posted by Alice Yang

Don’t be dissuaded by the cap rates – Canada’s biggest cities are still the place to be. Alice Yang provides a few ideas for getting the most out of Canada’s priciest markets

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Triple your lead conversions
Posted by Chris Shebib

A successful real estate business requires a certain level of marketing prowess. Chris Shebib explains how to get the most out of your digital marketing strategy by injecting a dose of automation

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Financing: Unleash your RRSPs
Posted by Dalia Barsoum

In the second part of her series on how to use RRSPs to invest in real estate, Dalia Barsoum outlines a low-cost, low-maintenance strategy that can lead to excellent tax-sheltered returns

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Tax Focus: Four to make you more
Posted by Andrew Ku

Incorporating is a move that can be as daunting as it is necessary. Andrew Ku shares four strategies that can help real estate investors increase their profits – and hold onto them

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Investor profile: The sweet sound of success
Posted by Clayton Jarvis

Wendy Cheung has navigated her way through two BC real estate booms, first as a novice and then as an expert. She emerged from each one stronger, smarter and richer than she ever imagined

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How to make a million with one investment
Posted by AJ Hazzi

AJ Hazzi presents his own take on CREW’s annual investor challenge, turning $150,000 into $1 million in net worth and an annual income of $60,000

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Reno Focus: Beneath the surface
Posted by Katie Herbert

Choosing the right finishing touches for kitchens and bathrooms can be your ticket to rapid resales and rising rents. Renovation expert Katie Herbert details the available options

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Private Mortgage Primer
Posted by Harpreet Hans

Investing in private mortgages is not for the faint of heart. But, as Harpreet Hans explains, using TFSA and RRSP funds can help informed investors match the high level of risk involved with equally lofty returns

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Why buy land?
Posted by Contributor

Cash flow is great, but the land beneath an investment property will always be more valuable than whatever sits on top of it. So, asks Joe Varing, why not start there?

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