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Easing the pain points of Canada’s rental market

by CRE on 17 Oct 2018

The following content is sponsored by RBC Ventures/Get Digs™. It was written by CREW’s editorial team.

Launched in May 2018, Get Digs™, a new venture from RBC Ventures Inc., a subsidiary of RBC, is already making waves with landlords and real estate investors in Canada. The digital platform is changing the way renters and landlords pay and receive rent payments and although it’s still early days, Get Digs’ founders Rachael Carswell and Megan McQuillan are excited by the positive feedback they’ve received from landlords and renters who have used the product.

However, despite the successful start, Carswell and McQuillan are determined to continue improving Get Digs and adding new innovative features. “There are numerous pain points in the rental market today, so as well as improving the payments aspect, we also want to provide more value and features to this community,” McQuillan says.

 “The process of setting up viewings involves so much back and forth,” she says. “The landlord lists the unit and then has to deal with an onslaught of emails and phone calls to try and book appointments to see the place. We want to eliminate that hassle.”

Just launched, the new free appointment booking feature will enable landlords to set the available time slots for rental viewing on an online calendar. The renter then selects the time and date that works for them and that’s it, the appointment is booked.

“The online calendar generates a unique URL that the landlord can send to potential viewers or insert in the listing details itself,” McQuillan says. “When a potential renter clicks on the links, they land on the calendar and are able to easily select a time slot and book it on the spot. It eliminates all of the back and forth that existed before, and is similar to booking a reservation online for a restaurant.”

Get Digs is also planning to create more features that help streamline the rental process and eliminate cumbersome steps that exist today. The company’s leaders are excited about playing a pivotal role in the evolution of Canada’s rental market.

Download this white paper to find out more about Get Digs and how it’s changing the game for landlords and their tenants

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