Inside the hottest investment location

by Joe Rosengarten on 04 Apr 2018

When they saw a gap in Orlando’s burgeoning real estate market, Global Real Estate Services launched the Orlando Agency, a specialist company aiming to help out-of-state and foreign nationals in the buying and selling of investment properties.

“We have a specific focus on lifestyle, resort-style and vacation properties located in Orlando and we are well versed in the entire process of buying and selling vacation homes in Orlando’s most popular communities, and can provide honest and accurate information for every step,” says Garry Walmsley, Senior Global Real Estate Advisor at The Orlando Agency. “From building, furnishing, and renting an individual vacation home to managing an entire property portfolio, our team of experts offers a level of service, knowledge and professional expertise that is second to none.”

Canadian real estate investors have a good opportunity to generate additional income simply by expanding their horizons. Orlando is booming economically and each year more Canadian tourists and snowbirds head south in search of sun in the fun.

“Orlando’s economy continues to grow after the financial crisis of 2007-2009 and is consistently outperforming the nation as a whole,” Walmsley says. “As well as being home to a robust tourism industry, Florida is also a hub of new technology, aerospace, digital media and medical research. Real gross state product continues to climb and job reports show positive growth month on month.
All of the economic signs mark Florida out as a flourishing vacation destination and an attractive real estate market for Canadian investors.”

With such attractive impressive fundamentals, it’s a region that presents a lucrative opportunity for ambitious investors. However, buying the property is often just the first step in a long line of potentially complex tasks and transactions.

The Orlando Agency’s program mitigates some of those common issues by helping investors in some key areas including mortgage origination, U.S. bank account set-up, commercial foreign exchange, property and personal insurance, U.S. tax compliance, property inspection/refurbishment services, and property management services.

“Having access to those on-the-ground services means the investor can avoid any of the pitfalls that can occur when you’re buying a property outside of your home country,” Walmsley says. “We hold each of our of partners’ hand throughout the process, providing a personalized service throughout the transaction and long after. We effectively become their eyes and ears on the ground in Orlando.”

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