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by CRE on 21 Sep 2016
2015 was unquestionably a hot one for Canada’s real estate industry – thousands of agents across the country made significant improvements on their 2014 sales numbers. For this special report, we’ve rounded up the best of the best: 100 agents who were the top performers in their respective markets.

We also sat down with a few of this year’s top agents to find out the secrets to their success. On the following pages, you’ll learn how agents in vastly different markets – from Toronto to Vancouver, Regina to Thunder Bay – differentiate themselves from the competition, what advice they’d give to up-and-comers and how they unwind (or try to) after a hard day’s work.

SHAWN ZIGELSTEIN, Royal LePage Your Community Realty, Toronto
Shawn Zigelstein is a part of the largest real estate company in the York region. Over the course of his career, he has sold more than
$200 million in real estate.

DAVID OEY, Harvey Kalles Real Estate, Toronto
For the past two years, David Oey has ranked in the top seven Realtors at Harvey Kalles Real Estate. He is an expert on the residential and commercial real estate market of the east, west and central Toronto neighbourhoods. Previously, Oey was a sales representative with Re/Max, where he received several company-wide awards.

GRAHAM MEADER, Colliers International, Toronto
Focusing mainly on commercial and industrial transactions, Graham Meader believes that having uncommon market knowledge gives him a distinct advantage. “That knowledge is critical, especially in a market that is so product-constrained,” Meader says. “If you look at the volumes of investment sales that took place over the past two years, in 2014, they were half of what they were in 2013, and then they halved again in 2015. So, when everyone is looking for products, if you have something that is off-market, you’re going to be wellpositioned for success.”

AUDREY AZAD, Re/Max Hallmark Realty, Toronto
For Toronto-based Audrey Azad, whose business is focused on residential sales, staging makes all the difference. “I offer a unique proposition in terms of staging,” she says. “I’ve invested heavily in an inventory and a crew of stagers. I have three trucks and 6,000 square feet of amazing inventory. When people see their homes staged as a showroom magazine house, they are amazed and say, ‘Audrey, if I’d only known.’” An avid golfer, Azad travels south of the border each Christmas for a much-needed golf getaway. “We also have a little nine-hole course near our house, so in the mornings, I get out there at 6 a.m., and by 8 a.m., I’m done, and nobody knows I’ve been golfing,”
she says. Azad has noticed the need for Realtors to work harder to get leads now compared to the pre-Internet days – but she welcomes the challenge. “Now, you have to hone your craft,” she says. “You have to offer a valueadd to consumers, because consumers are unbelievably savvy, and that’s fun.”

GORAN TODOROVIC, Re/Max Preferred Realty, Windsor, Ont.
Goran Todorovic has been a broker with Re/Max Preferred Realty for more than 13 years, and has consistently been the number-one sales producer. With more than 24 years of experience selling real estate, Todorovic focuses on residential, commercial and industrial properties in the
Windsor, Ont., and surrounding area. 

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