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By investors, for investors

by CRE on 08 Aug 2018

For real estate investors, there’s no such thing as too much information. Financing, property management, alternative investment options, where to spend your money – every aspect of real estate investment is its own world of rules, regulations and strategies. Trying to make sense of it all can be discouraging, which is why so many investors rely on the insights gleaned by industry experts and experienced investors, who have been in the trenches and have successfully emerged to share the concepts behind their accomplishments.

Such is the thinking behind 30 Minutes to Wealth, the investment-focused program conceived, produced and hosted by Carmen and Jordan Campagnaro. The show launched on January 6 and, in its short time on the air, has developed an intense following among viewers who have come to appreciate the wide array of topics and practicality of the information being presented.

“It’s a lot of work to make it enticing and exciting,” says Carmen Campagnaro, “while also ensuring that it’s educational for investors of any age or experience level.”

Not just another rider on the crowded real estate bandwagon, Carmen has been investing in real estate since she was 18. She founded Pro Funds Mortgages in 1997 and has been helping investors turn their dreams into realities ever since.

“We know the challenges of financing, buying and selling,” she says. “We’ve seen the mistakes that people make along the way. We want to help them avoid those mistakes and find the success we’re all looking for.”

Unquestionably a show by investors, for investors, 30 Minutes to Wealth has welcomed developers, architects, financial analysts and leading Realtors, and has already tackled such varied topics as REITs, due diligence in development projects and strategies for leveraging equity.

“We model the show around a lot of case studies,” says Jordan, an investor herself and Pro Funds’ vice-president of investment services. “We have investors on who have already participated in the market and who want to share their stories.”

The idea for 30 Minutes to Wealth was originally spawned by the Campagnaros’ guest spots on Rav Toor’s The Everyday Investor. Viewer response to their segments was immediate and overwhelmingly positive.

“People were really intrigued by the information, the conversations and what they were learning,” Carmen says. “They were recording it, tweeting it, loving it. At that point, Rav approached us and said, ‘Why don’t you do your own show?’”

Only three months into what has already been a successful run, Carmen and Jordan are looking at expanding 30 Minutes to Wealth’s audience. Discussions are underway to broadcast the show on more channels, and the Campagnaros are planning to welcome an ever-widening range of experienced guests to assist viewers with their investment-related queries.

“We’re going to continue the show, and continue helping investors make more passive income, for as long as we can,” Carmen says.

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