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These are the largest real estate developers in Canada

by Corben Grant on 03 Dec 2021

When it comes to real estate, most of us are simply playing the game. However, there are a number of real estate companies that have a large hand in shaping the landscape of Canadian real estate. In fact, if you live in a major Canadian city, there is a good chance your home was built or received property management from one of these giant property developers.

Each of these top real estate companies has built thousands of homes and commercial real estate properties in Canada and takes in hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue every year. For each real estate developer featured, we will tell you a bit about their history, their current work, and some notable, recent, and upcoming developments. Where applicable, we will also tell you a bit about each group's sustainability initiatives which are a big concern for the top real estate companies today.

Concord Pacific


Concord Pacific was founded in the mid-1980s by Terry Hui who leveraged his family's success in the Hong Kong business world to create one of Canada's largest real estate companies. Concord Pacific is based in Vancouver but has real estate projects across Canada and the rest of the world. The company calls their thriving communities "skyline defining" and has constructed over 150 residential and mixed-use properties with over 50 more in various development stages.

A subsidiary, Concord Green Energy, was created with the express purpose of exploring zero-carbon and renewable energy products such as solar, wind, and hydroelectricity. They not only build to modern standards of sustainability but through their green energy initiatives are able to more than offset their buildings' energy consumptions.

Notable, new and upcoming developments

Concord Pacific Place

This development is Concord's crown jewel. Built on the grounds of the 1986 World Expo in Vancouver, the property has been continuously developed since the late 1980s. Once completed, it will be the largest of Canada's master-planned communities and could comprise up to 50 buildings with 10,000 units.

Central Condominiums

Central is billed as a high-tech development in downtown Toronto. The 52-storey building will integrate numerous modern technologies such as 100% Wi-Fi coverage, NFC building entry, EV charging, smart thermostats and more. Units are on sale now with construction estimated to complete in 2023.

Onni Group


The Onni Group is a privately owned real estate development company that was founded in Vancouver in 1965 by Italian immigrant, Innocenzo De Cotiis. In their 56 years in business, they have built over 15,000 homes and more than 11.5 million square feet of commercial properties. Onni still maintains headquarters in its founding city of Vancouver but also has offices in Toronto, Seattle, Chicago, Los Angeles, Phoenix and Mexico. The real estate developer cites its "passion for building world-class urban communities, quality design, innovation and sustainability" as keys to its success.

Onni claims reducing environmental impact is one of its central corporate responsibilities. They use sustainable design practices, energy-efficient appliances and equipment, and local and recycled materials to reduce the impact of their real estate developments.

Notable, new and upcoming developments

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Fortune at fort york

Fortune is a newly completed condominium tower in the Fort York neighbourhood of Toronto. The development offers modern luxury in the heart of Canada's busiest city. The 32-storey building has over 500 units starting at around $690,000.


Riva is a real estate development currently under construction in Richmond, British Columbia. The buildings display striking contemporary west coast modern design and are just a short walk from the waterfront. Riva will include 142 units and is open for registration now.


Westbank is a Canadian company with a wide international presence in real estate. The company was founded in 1992 by Ian Gillespie of Vancouver, and now also hosts offices in Calgary and Toronto, as well as outside Canada in Seattle, Shanghai, Beijing, Taiwan, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Shenzhen. They have constructed over $25 billion worth of real estate developments in residential and commercial real estate. They hold a "high degree of artistry" central to their business philosophy, as evidenced by their involvement in public art, through which they have installed over 30 installations by various artists.

Westbank has completed some of Canada's first LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified developments and also works on a number of carbon-neutral construction projects.

Notable, new and upcoming developments

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Telus Garden

Telus Garden is a commercial real estate development named for the telecom company that has its headquarters in the building. The office and retail space development feature over 500,000 square feet of fully LEED-certified office space. The building was completed in 2016 and cost $750 million to construct. A residential tower on the same site features over 420 units across 53-storeys.

The Butterfly

Currently under construction in Vancouver, the Butterfly is estimated to complete its building phase in 2023. Registration is open now for one of the building's 331 units. With unit prices starting at a handsome $3.5 million, the building exemplifies the luxury excess of Vancouver real estate.

The Minto Group


Minto is a real estate development company based in Ottawa, Ontario. Minto was founded as a home builder in 1955 by four brothers whose family still owns the company to this day. Minto has since become one of Canada's largest real estate developers and has developments in Ottawa, Toronto and Calgary, as well as an expansion into the U.S. real estate market. They have the distinction of constructing Canada's first high-rise condominium in 1969. In over 65 years, Minto has built approximately 95,000 homes, overseen property management for 13,900 rental apartments, and produced over 2 million square feet of commercial construction projects.

For the last 12 years, Minto has published a sustainability report detailing the group's efforts to reduce impact. They also comply with third-party sustainability initiatives such as LEED, Energy Star, and Energuide.

Notable, new and upcoming developments

Minto Metropole

The Minto Metropole is located in Ottawa and was once the tallest (now second tallest) residential building in the city; a title it held for almost a decade. The building was completed in 2004 and includes 153 units.

Quinn's Pointe

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The Quinn's Pointe community is under construction now in Ottawa with units currently available for sale. The community in the city's Barrhaven neighbourhood will include single-family homes and townhouses with a total of 402 units available upon completion.

Mattamy Homes


Mattamy is one of Canada's largest privately-owned home builders. The real estate company was founded in 1979 by Peter Gilgan and now builds homes around the GTA, Ottawa, Calgary and Edmonton, as well as the U.S. More than just building homes, the company specializes in land acquisition, community design, housing design, and construction. The real estate developer employs over 2,000 people and announced yearly revenues of over $4.4 billion and over 8,200 home sales in 2021.

In 2018, Mattamy Asset Management was created as the new parent company for Mattamy homes. The company serves as the vehicle for Mattamy to expand its investment portfolio beyond real estate and into other industries.

The company has expressed a commitment to sustainable homes and promotes smart technologies, green spaces, net-zero energy initiatives and more.

Notable, new and upcoming developments

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Vita on the Lake

Vita on the Lake is a condo development just wrapping up construction in Etobicoke, Toronto. The building provides great views of downtown across the lake from its almost 500 units. The building enjoys the benefits of the city while being far enough away to offer residents access to numerous nearby parks and trails. Units in Vita on the Lake, along with its sister tower Vita Two, are on sale now.

360 Condos

The 360 Condos comprise four contemporary condo buildings touting impressive amenities and sustainable living. Each building will be 6-storeys tall, with a total of 92 units available. The 360 Condos are currently in the pre-construction phase with registration available now.

The Daniels Corporation


The Daniels Corporation was founded in Toronto in 1983 where they are still based to this day. Since their founding, the real estate company has built more than 35,000 homes and apartments in Canada. The company's founder, John Daniels, had a hand in developing such Canadian landmarks as the Toronto Eaton Center and the TD Center with Cadillac Fairview before going on to found his own company.

According to Daniels, their commitment to design innovation, construction excellence, social impact, and environmental sustainability are what sets them apart in the real estate development industry.

Notable, new and upcoming developments

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Artworks Tower

The Artworks Tower is a condominium development currently in its construction phase near downtown Toronto. The 32-storey tower has about 450 units within it and units are currently being sold with an estimated completion date of summer 2022.

Kindred Condominiums

Kindred is a new condominium development in Mississauga, Ontario. Once complete, the building will feature 325 units across 29-storeys, as well as amenities such as a fitness center and rooftop terrace. Sales for Kindred should begin soon.



Tridel was founded in 1934, making it the oldest real estate company on this list. The company was founded in Toronto and is still headquartered there today. Despite a period of struggle in the 1980s, the company emerged successfully to become one of Canada's largest Condominium developers. To date, the company has constructed over 87,000 homes in Canada, with properties being built primarily in Toronto and the GTA.

In 2003, Tridel was an early adopter of green technologies for their developments and claims to be Canada's largest builder of sustainable condominiums today.

Notable, new and upcoming developments

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Via Bloor

Via Bloor is a recently completed luxury condominium building in Toronto with 374 units on sale now. Its twin, Via Bloor 2, is under construction now and, when completed, will add another 395 units in its 45-storeys.


Aqualuna is another Tridel condominium development in Toronto, currently in preconstruction. The building will feature 225 units in 16-storeys with a striking angular design. Built on the Merchants' Wharf, Aqualuna offers "the pinnacle of luxurious waterfront living". Units are on sale now with construction estimated to be complete in 2023.

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