The financing tools you need in a new world

by Dalia Barsoum on 15 Jul 2020

The lending rules have evolved across the board due to the changing economic landscape.

At this year's Canadian Real Estate Wealth Investor Forum, I will share with you what these changes are and what they mean to you as an investor on both the residential and commercial sides of real estate investing. 

My goal is to equip you with tools to help you successfully navigate the new waters to keep growing your income property portfolio. 

I will also share with you the financing methods that work for your select investment strategy. Including those used to finance:  

  • Buy/Hold
  • Residential Buy/Renovate/Refinance/Rent ( BRRRs)
  • Student Rentals
  • Assignments
  • Multiresidential BRRRs 

Finally, I will be giving away various tools that can help you as investor, including: 

1. The Goals-Based Financing TM kit: which allows you as an investor to have better conversations with your mortgage advisor to align financing with your goals.

2. The Deal Approval Binder: which will help you get organized and approval-ready before you go shopping.

3. The Commercial Lending kit: which will help you get approval-ready for multi residential and commercial deals and ensures that your offer includes all of the key documents the lenders will need from you to approve your deal.

Myself and my team at Streetwise Mortgages look forward to meeting you at this fantastic knowledge & Experience packed event and we look forward to supporting your success.

Register now to hear insights from Dalia Barsoum, the Streetwise Mortgages Team and other thought leaders in the real estate space.


Dalia Barsoum is president and principal broker at Streetwise Mortgages and a regular columnist for Canadian Real Estate Wealth. She leads an award-winning team of mortgage advisors offering strategic income property and portfolio advice to Real Estate investors across Ontario.

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