Paul’s 4-step system to achieve your biggest goals

by on 27 Nov 2017
by Paul D'Abruzzo

Step #1: Begin with the end in mind.

The first step is to acknowledge what you really want, I would recommend deep meditation on the subject, the exercise helps to create new ideas, and fine tune them in the powerful confines of your subconscious mind. Most high performers inherently know that in order to get where you want to be, you need to first visualize the desired outcome. Don’t try and re-invent the wheel here, meditation, writing your goals down, and using visualization with deep faith that your goal will come to fruition, is a tried and true formula.

Always separate your goals into short, mid and long term time lines, this creates balance, and allows you to strategically plan your time. Use visualization, however you must be be in touch with your emotions also. The key is to get super-specific and clear on what you want and harness the positive feeling of the outcome in your meditation and /or visualization.

  • In your mind’s eye, make an internal commitment to see, hear and feel your end result, play the “end result movie” in your mind and experience the gamut of positive emotions. ALWAYS write down what your end result will look, sound, and feel like. For example, if you want to become rich, wealthy or simply be comfortable, whatever your END RESULT is, you must describe what you’ll look and feel like. Hear what people in your life will be saying about you, or what you would say about yourself.
On your goal paper, you should have a very clear and concise goal written at the top and below that, write out the emotional and visual description of the accomplishment of your goal. When done correctly, you’ll have a clear roadmap of your emotions, and a stronger, more meaningful target to aim for. This combination of seeing, hearing and feeling your end result is an important and powerful psychological tool that keep your conscious mind focused. Just remember to add the meditation, 10 minutes is enough to keep your sub-conscious mind working for you also

Step #2: Create an Action Plan  

Pick 1 or 2 goals to work until they are completed and break them down into manageable steps

I find smaller weekly tasks and monthly targets help me complete goals faster and are the most effective way to figure out what actions are needed to head towards success. Use technology to help you if needed, I use “Wunderlist” and “Evernote” to myself organized

You MUST be realistic with your action steps and the speed at which you expect to finish them. Plan aggressively if you like, however, be easy on yourself when life is not totally linear. In reality the people who achieve the most, have the most resolve, they stick to the goal no mater what life throws at them. Nothing will happen in a straight line, expect the unexpected and you’ll be prepared to overcome obstacles.

For example, if your goal is to double your revenue of your business, in the next 12 months, your action steps may look like this:
  • Hire a Performance Coach
  • Generate 100 leads per week
  • Increase close ratio by 10% per month
  • Measure results and fine tune
Step #3: Structure your daily process for time efficiency

Let’s face it.. It seems like everyone is busy being busy and there are so many distractions out there that we have to be protective of our time if we expect to be producing extraordinary results. Personally, building your daily process is the best and hardest part of this exercise.

Take it really seriously, it should take you no more than a couple hours and the ROI on your time will be totally worth it, you’ll find wasted hours everywhere!

If you’re struggling to be efficient or to simply find more time (like me), your daily process likely wasn’t aligned to your specific goal. This process will keep you on track

Here we go:

Either draw a weekly grid on a blank sheet of paper, or print out a weekly template containing the seven days of the week. Its helps to break up the day into 3-4 sections, like morning, after evening for e.g. Fill out the sheet with all the times you are NOT able to achieve your goals.

Be honest with yourself, and never sacrifice your family or sanity for your goals. Valid times you likely can’t work towards your goals include things like:
  • Your career or day job
  • Family and friend commitments
  • Personal time and sleep!

If you end up with zero (or negative) time left, then I would highly recommend a performance coach. Please reply to this email for personalized help from yours truly ;-)

You should end up with at least a few hours a week, hopefully 5-10 hours to spend achieving your goal, now its time to play “fill in the blanks”

Take your list of weekly action steps and start inserting tasks in the blank spaces to schedule your time, and create the action plan. Use technology to back you up, stay organized and remind you of work that needs to be done. Fill in the blanks at the start of each week and you’ll be unstoppable! (remember to go easy on yourself when life serves you lemons ;-)

Step #4: Ready-Fire-Aim (or Fail-Fail-Achieve)

The process to Achievement only begins when YOU start taking action.

Don’t get caught up in the meditation and positive thinking trap, these exercises alone wont achieve anything for you. These exercises feel good and are relatively easy, however doing extra work here wont help you unless you are taking MASSIVE ACTION IN REALITY. Also remember action leads to failure which leads to success, rarely will you ever start something and be successful out of the gate, embrace failure, overcome obstacles, make yourself bigger than your problems.

Be “professional problem solver”. They are the highest paid and/or most coveted people in the world

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