How to market your property for the right tenant

by CRE on 14 May 2015

3. Pre-screen tenants.

It’s hard to know what tenant is a good fit just from an email or phone conversation. A good question to ask is: “Tell me what you’re looking for in a property?” This is an open-ended question that allows the potential tenant to tell you what features are important to them. Often, you will discover what their current living situation is, if they have pets and how many people will be occupying the property.

If you have a large number of calls or emails that only ask to view the property, save yourself some time and schedule an open house. Break up the times in 15-minute increments. Don’t schedule more than three people during these increments because it will not allow you to meet and evaluate the potential tenant.

4. Always be professional.

Be prepared for a flood of responses when you post your ad. The first 48 hours is when you’ll attract the most attention. Make time to respond, preferably within that day. If you are responding with a phone call, do this in a quiet location where you are not distracted or have background noise.

You must treat this like a business. You would not call a client back while shopping for groceries at the supermarket.
Crystal Ross is the owner of Investors Property Management and founder of IPM Key Leasing Services. She has created a specialty tenant placement service that can be used by property owners, property managers and real estate agents. To connect with her visit or email her directly at [email protected]


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