Expert Advice

Why you need a real estate lawyer
Posted by Editorial Team

Time to lawyer up Mark Weisleder makes the case for having a lawyer on your investment team

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Is a Toronto condo investment worth it?
Posted by Corben Grant

Condos are one of the safest investments you can make in Toronto's market. Read all about the benefits they hold for investors.

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The Financing Roadmap
Posted by Dalia Barsoum

We all want to cruise in the real estate fast lane, but not knowing where you're going is a sure way to hit the financing wall. Dalia Barsoum points out the right direction

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Don't Take It For Granted
Posted by Dalia Barsoum

According to Streetwise Mortgage's Dalia Barsoum, investors who calculate a property's cash flow before financing is secured are often forced to make other plans. She shares her strategies for ensuring that those projected returns wind up in your pocket

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Commercial investments poised to weather COVID-19
Posted by Gerv Tacadena

Several factors are expected to offset the headwinds resulting from the outbreak's impact on the economy, study shows

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Give yourself some credit
Posted by Julie Kuzmic

It's one thing to save up a down payment; it's another to show a lender that you're worth the risk. Julie Kuzmic provides a few tips for prospective investors looking to establish good credit

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Triple play
Posted by Kirill Perelyguine

It often doesn't take much to put together a solid commercial portfolio. Kirill Perelyguine explains how triple net properties have put more than a few commercial investors on easy street

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Southern comfort
Posted by Alain Forget

There's not a lot of good news coming up from our neighbours to the south these days, but Alain Forget outlines why purchasing a second home in the US is still a viable investment opportunity for Canadians

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Destination: automation
Posted by Susanne Young

Susanne Young explains how new technologies are automating the property management process for recreational property owners, alleviating one of their heaviest burdens

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Liquid assets
Posted by Bob Carter

Investing in development can take many forms, including providing the funds for a new community to obtain water rights. Bob Carter wades into this lesser-known investment opportunity

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Pre-construction condos in Toronto: The quickest past to wealth
Posted by Ryan Coyle

Ryan Coyle of CONNECT Asset Management explains why investors should follow him on his chosen path to wealth: pre-construction condos in the GTA

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Commercial real estate alternatives in Hamilton and Ottawa
Posted by Clayton Jarvis

With residential prices climbing in two of Ontario’s most desirable markets, should investors target commercial properties there instead?

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